Tunnel lined with hay and hibiscus flower


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Your small domestic rodent needs to feel like it’s in its natural habitat. That’s why  designed a natural wooden tunnel lined with hay for her activities and games.

Designed in a cylindrical shape, the  rodent tunnel is similar to a small trunk. With its original decoration, its hay filling, hibiscus flowers, pieces of carrots and peas, it looks even more real. For the pleasure of your small mammal, the decoration is edible. As a result, it can both feed and play with it. The tunnel has several openings so that the animal can enter and exit easily, but also so that it can feel airy inside.

For reasons of hygiene, it is essential to check the tunnel at any time at the risk of containing small excrement from your animal. It is also important to check its condition to avoid any danger.

Tunnel dimensions: Ø 9 x 30 cm

Hay weight: 35 g


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