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Your cat needs to be active and exercised regularly to maintain strength and stamina. To encourage him to move on a daily basis, we advise you to provide him with the 2-in-1 KONG Kanga toy. This play accessory will certainly satisfy your pet’s desire to let off steam.

The  Kanga toy features a kangaroo carrying a baby in its pouch. These two pieces can be separated to give different ideas of amusements throughout the day. The long body of the mother kangaroo will be perfect for hugs or little paws. The baby kangaroo inside will intrigue the cat who will pop it out of the pocket for fun. Your pet will also be able to occupy himself with the bushy tail placed at the end of the toy.

The  cat toy also makes fun crackling noises. These noises will encourage your pet to lash out at the accessory. That’s not all, the model is also lined with premium North American catnip that will prolong the urge to play. For the safety of the animal, you must stay by its side during moments of play.

Dimensions: 6.99 x 7.62 x 39.37cm


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