Nibble Carrot Upholstered


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Your cat needs to let off steam to get rid of boredom and to stay active. You can, in fact, occupy it with the Nibble Carrot KONG toy stuffed with catnip. The model is specially made to meet the playful instinct of your pet.

Made with resistant materials, this Nibble KONG carrot will be resistant to cat scratches and bites. Thanks to the mesh part, it is easy to catch. By chewing on its toy, the animal will clean its teeth.

Containing premium quality North American catnip, this KONG carrot toy will keep pets busy for a long time. The sound of the crumpled paper integrated inside will intrigue the cat who will try to reproduce it each time. Before giving this accessory to the animal, it is always necessary to check its condition. In case of tears, you must replace the model to limit accidents of ingestion of pieces.

This toy is available in 3 different colors depending on availability: red, yellow or orange.

Dimensions: 3.18 x 3.18 x 15.24cm


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