Dog Coat Grenoble Gray


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So that your pet does not get cold, it is better to prepare warm clothes for him before going out. Trixie’s gray Grenoble coat will do just fine. It is a small fleece jacket specially designed for dogs. It is worn with comfort during the winter season.

This fleece coat for dogs is made from a water-repellent  Thanks to its impermeability, it protects your dog from drizzle. Particularly breathable, the fleece material provides good air circulation inside the garment, which means your pet does not get extremely hot.

The Grenoble coat is equipped with a waterproof zipper, allowing you to attach the leash to your dog’s harness. It is also embellished with a belly strap with buckle clasp. The latter can be continuously adjusted for optimal comfort. Finally, this model has a stand-up collar with drawstring to protect your pet’s neck. It also includes adjustable ties for the back legs so that the garment can stay in place with every movement.

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