Crackles & Catnip


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Play holds an important place in your pet’s life. Indeed, it is a way for him to express his hunting instinct, but also to socialize. Therefore, you must offer him a toy, and not just any, but a quality model that can withstand his paws. This is precisely the case with the KONG Crackles plush with catnip.

This fish-shaped KONG cat toy is made of polyester. It will resist bites and scratches. The body of the plush is covered in a shiny crackling fabric that arouses your pet’s playful nature. To arouse even more the hunting instinct of the latter, the model includes a noisy fly attached to a rubber band. As for its tail and its fine, fluffy wings, they invite you to play wrestling, which cats particularly like. And if all these playful details are not enough for your pet to let off steam, the smell of the North American Catnip will make it happy.

Dimensions: 19.69 x 13.97 x 2.54cm


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